Friends Board

Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

The Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. ensures that the Estes Park Museum is the premier local history museum in Colorado.

Board of Directors


nancyNancy Thomas, President
When I was asked to become a member of the Friends’ Board I was delighted. My major responsibility has been as editor in chief of the Friends Press. During my tenure, we have published seven books, starting with a facsimile copy of Eleanor Hondius’ splendid Memoirs. In the last year alone we produced three new titles: A Slice of History and a Piece of Pie (a blended genre featuring both recipes and social history of Estes Park), Exploring the Park Together (by Pat Pickering and Pat Washburn, with illustrations by Pat Greenburg), and Transformation in the Park, by Dr. Thomas Gootz.


Elaine Downing
The memory of my parents dressed in their early 19th century period finery, stepping out to special events at the local upstate New York Historical society, forever motivated my lifelong interest in history. Volunteering at the museum was one of my first adventures upon arriving in Estes Park and it has lasted for the past seven years.


Bobbie HBobbie Heisterkamp, Vice President
I’ve lived part-time in Big Elk Meadows since 1971 when my late husband and I built a house on Hickory Drive. I started collecting postcards of the area in 1993, and have since grown the collection so that it is extensive enough to create a book, “Shared Moments” co-authored with fellow Board Member Jim Pickering.



Harry LIvingston   Harry Livingston
Being on the Board of Directors has offered me the opportunity to give back to the community that means so much to me.



Loretta photo cropped   Loretta DeWitt
I began my Estes Park visits at age four staying at Wind River Guest Ranch on Hwy 7. My best friend in Dallas had a family cabin on High Drive where I enjoyed many happy summers while still in school. After marriage, I introduced my husband to Estes and our children attended Cheley Camp. At retirement, I convinced Bill to move to Estes. In 1991, we purchased a log home here and I was finally “living my dream”. I have served as a docent on the Historic Tour for many years. Last summer my schedule finally allowed me to be a Museum volunteer and Board member. I care deeply about preserving the history of Estes for future generations.

Barb Boyer Buck   Barbara Boyer Buck
I was so honored to be asked to serve on this important board!  I am a professional writer who lives in Estes Park.  I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in anthropology with an emphasis in physical anthropology and museum studies.  I currently work half-time at the Estes Park Trail-Gazette as a reporter; in the fall of 2014, I started a history series of stories for that paper that will continue through 2015, surveying the history of the area and how it relates to today’s Estes Park. Estes Park has a rich and vibrant history which everyone should be aware of and can learn from.  I hope my time on the board is productive and that we provide continue to provide valuable support to the Estes Park Museum.



SAMSUNG   Millie Miller, Secretary – Treasurer

With her considerable Board experience, the Friends are fortunate to have Millie Miller join its Board. She retired from her position as dispatch supervisor for the Longmont Police Department and, with her husband Jerry, moved to the historic Fort Morgan area of Estes Park where they had previously remodeled an old cabin.

Millie is active with the Estes Park Restorative Justice program, serves on the board of the Estes Park Lions Club and is completing a term as president of the Estes Valley Victim Advocates.

Millie said,” I joined the board because of my interest in both this Town and its history. Since my husband Jerry was raised here and we both are Colorado natives, it just follows that I’d have an interest in the history and want to preserve it.”



Barbara Cole

Since moving to Estes Park in 2005, my love of history has been enhanced by the richness and drama of the stories of early Estes Park.  I was thrilled to be asked to  serve on the Museum Friends and Foundation Board, for where else could I explore even more of our wonderful past, and help to preserve it for the future?

For the past two summers I have been a tour guide here in Estes Park, and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our stories and our life style with many visitors.   I think all residents of Estes Park should be members and supporters of our outstanding Museum!



Kurtis Kelly

Kurtis Kelly has called Estes Park home since 1984, and he is pleased to be assisting in the vital work of the Museum Friends & Foundation. With more than two decades of theatrical experience, he is an actor-storyteller who enjoys the blending of history with live performance. His first-person portrayals of history figures include such local legends as Abner Sprague, the Earl of Dunraven, F.O. Stanley, and Enos Mills. Kurtis recently provided the voice of Enos Mills in the Nick Mollé’s acclaimed new film, The Living Dream: 100 Years of Rocky Mountain National Park, currently airing on PBS stations around the U.S. Kurtis performs both locally and throughout the Front Range.



Sandy Osterman

I have been a resident of Estes Park since 2003 and have found that Estes Park  is the best community I have ever lived.  History has always been one of my interests, especially the growth of the West.  I have always supported the museum as it offers opportunities to everyone to become informed and involved in it’s projects and events. As a board member I plan to support the Museum and it’s future so to honor those of Estes Park’s past, present and future.


Marcia Kelly-Gerritz cropped   Marcia Kelly-Gerritz

Marcia Kelly-Gerritz was an archaeologist in her early adult years working in Colorado, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana and California. Later in life she left the U.S. to follow her husband’s career in Venezuela, Curacao, Holland and Thailand, raising her two sons and establishing an ESL program for the tsunami survivors near Phuket Thailand. She is thrilled to be back in Colorado, where she is from, and working on the board of the Estes Park Museum.



 Cecile Strickland

A surprise invitation to join the amazing board in the fall 2015 came from Nancy Thomas. We have traveled with family and friends to Estes Park for over forty years and have had a home here for eleven years. I have had board member experience with the Harris County Freeman Library (over 15 years), Clear Lake Panhellenic (5 years), Delta Gamma Alumna Association (5 years), and the P.E.O. Chapter EB (4 years). I look forward to the opportunity to serve the Estes Park Museum as a Board Member.