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About the Press:

The Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. Press publishes books that advance knowledge of local and regional history and make a contribution to an understanding and appreciation of the Estes Valley and its natural, cultural, or historical development.

Our museum is one of only a few local museums in the nation to have its own publishing wing. With over sixteen titles to its credit, the Press exists to support the Friends’ mission: to ensure that the Estes Park Museum is the premier local history museum in Colorado.

All profits from the sale of Friends Press publications go to support the work of the Friends organization.
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Books and DVDs by the Friends Press:

Titles published recently by the Friends Press include:

cookbook-cover-A-Slice-of-History-and-A-Piece-of-Pie-Recipes-and-RemembranceA Slice of History & A Piece of Pie: Recipes and Remembrance

Author – Nancy Pickering Thomas

The Friends Press is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of an exciting, new book, A Slice of History & A Piece of Pie: Recipes and Remembrance—A Cookbook of Vintage Favorites from Early Estes Park. This fascinating book – part history, part cookbook – is the result of years of research, interviews and correspondence with families and individuals whose roots go back to Estes Park’s earlier days. It successfully brings together some of the most-loved recipes of those who have made the Estes valley their home and the histories of those families as well as restaurants and lodges.

Illustrated with many historical photographs and postcards, the book begins with an intriguing discussion of the challenges faced by cooks in pioneer kitchens as they attempted to provide three meals a day with limited ingredients, few utensils, wood- or coal-burning stoves, and water hauled from a nearby stream. It explores recipe ingredients,  cooking techniques, and advances in acquiring, preserving, and preparing foods in the Estes valley.

In the book’s preface, Estes Park Historian Laureate Jim Pickering calls A Slice of History & A Piece of Pie “a culinary delight.” But more than that, he states, it is “an invaluable and most interesting social history of the Estes region…a book destined to become a classic.” Published by the Estes Park Museum Friends Press $29.95


exploring-the-park-together-a-family-guide-to-rocky-mountain-national-parkExploring the Park Together: A Family Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park

Authors – Patricia Pickering and Patricia Washburn, illustrated by Patricia Greenberg

Timed to coincide with the coming celebration of the Park’s centennial, beginning in September 2014, this book engages readers in the splendors of scenery,  wildlife, and plants that make Rocky Mountain National Park such a special place.
Exploring the Park Together is written by Pat Pickering and Pat Washburn and beautifully illustrated by Pat Greenberg, the team who produced the popular book, Tracks in Time: A Children’s History of Estes Park, published by the Press in 2012.
This new book is a companion piece aimed at acquainting readers of all ages with the significant sites in the Park through an auto tour that takes travelers to major locations, including the Alpine Visitor Center, Milner Pass, and the Kawuneeche Valley, as well as Bear Lake, Wild Basin, and the McGraw Ranch. Exploring the Park Together features many detailed and clever pencil drawings of the mountains, valleys, animals and plants that have attracted and delighted Park visitors for one hundred years. The book also includes information on major Park landmarks as well as historical photos and postcards of important Park places and events. Published by the Estes Park Museum Friends Press $14.95


transformation-in-rocky-mountain-national-park-the-effects-of-climate-change-and-human-interventionTransformation in Rocky Mountain National Park: The Effects of Climate Change and Human Intervention

Author – Thomas Gootz

Dr. Thomas Gootz’s latest book, Transformation in Rocky Mountain National Park: Effects of Climate Change and Human Intervention, explores the Park’s geology, history, and ecology and the science behind changes that have been taking place there over time. Based on the latest studies by researchers and scholars, the National Park Service, and independent university and governmental agencies, Gootz guides the reader through the complex interrelationships between and among plants, animals, and people. He also examines the changing climate of the West and the relationship between global climate patterns and local weather events. This includes drought and violent storm events, such as the September 2013 flood that caused severe damage to areas of the Park and much of the Front Range.
A key theme of the book is that decision-making for the health of the flora and fauna in the Park is the responsibility of everyone, including the public, and depends on an understanding of these complex issues. Published by the Estes Park Museum Friends Press $28.95

BookCoverImageJoe Mills of Estes Park: A Colorado Life

by James H. Pickering
Town of Estes Park
Historian Laureate
Published Oct 2013

The definitive biography of a major figure in the history of Estes Park Colorado. Joe Mills’ story is compelling, not only to the economic and social development of Estes Park, but in his impact on the development of collegiate athletics in Colorado and Texas, and his literary skills as an author. The book is illustrated with historical photographs, many being published for the first time. $37.95

Tracks in time book cover

Tracks in Time: A Children’s History of Estes Park

Authors, Patricia P. Pickering
and Patricia Y. Washburn
Illustrated by Patricia H. Greenberg

What began as a project to assist the Estes Park Elementary School teach local history to the third grade turned into a delightfully illustrated and well written book on Estes Park that ALL ages will enjoy.  $10.95


Lyman Byxbe – Omaha to Estes Park
An Artist’s Legacy & Catalog Raisonné

Robert Crump, edited by David Tanton – $49.95



“If I Ever Grew Up and Became a Man”
William Allen White’s Moraine Park Years

By James H. Pickering and Nancy P. Thomas – $19.95, or if purchased with DVD $24.95



Ferrel Atkins’ “William Allen White”

Running time 43:59 minutes.  Dr. Ferrel Atkins shares moving stories and insight into the life of famed Moraine Park resident, William Allen White. Filmed on the porch of the William Allen White cabin, in Rocky Mountain National Park – $8.95

* Purchase the book, If I Ever Grew Up & Became a Man and the DVD for $24.95 set, a savings of almost $4.00!

Lost Links: The Search for Estes Park’s Oldest Golf Course

by James H. Pickering and Derek Fortini – $9.95




Memoirs of Eleanor E. Hondius of Elkhorn Lodge

With a new introduction by James H. Pickering – $11.95




Bob Flame: Rocky Mountain Ranger
by Dorr G. Yeager $12.95

Published in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Nature Association



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Friends Press Titles Also Available:

Rocky Mountain National Park Historic Places

by William B. Butler – $29.95




In the Vale of Elkanah
The Tahosa Valley World of Charles Edwin Hewes

by James H. Pickering – $16.95



The Ways of the Mountains
Thornton Sampson, Agnes Vaille, and Other Tragedies in High Places

by James H. Pickering – $14.95



Estes Park Narratives: Vol. 1: Discovery, Settlement, and Recreation

Edited by James H. Pickering – $16.95




Estes Park Narratives: Vol. 2: Discovery, Settlement, and Recreation

Edited by James H. Pickering – $17.95




Estes Park Narratives: Vol. 3: Days and Hours of Estes Park (1912-1944)
The Journal of Charles Edwin Hewes

Edited by James H. Pickering – $17.95



Estes Park Narratives: Vol. 4: Narratives of Exploration

Edited by James H. Pickering – $17.95



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For Authors:

To be considered for publication, each manuscript submitted to the Friends Press must be an original work that holds the possibility of contributing to the understanding and appreciation of the Estes Valley and its natural, cultural, or historical development.

Potential authors should consult the Submission Guidelines for New Manuscripts for an explanation of specific requirements and steps in the review process. Although the Friends Board makes final decisions on the publication of specific titles based on recommendations of the Press Review Committee and the Editor in Chief, the review process is rigorous and impartial, allowing the Friends Press to operate exactly like those affiliated with major universities.

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Contact the Friends Press:

Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. Press
200 Fourth Street
Estes Park, Colorado 80517

Phone: 970-577-3766
Email general inquiries about the press to:

Editor in Chief:
Nancy P. Thomas, Ph.D.
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