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 Eleanor Hondius Memoirs Event

The Estes Park Museum Friends hosted a special event September 22, 2018 to introduce members to the new book published by the Friends Press. From 4:00 to 4:30 participants sipped wine and munched on delicious hors d’ouevres and then were treated to a presentation by Nancy Thomas about the historic Elkhorn Lodge and its indomitable proprietress, Eleanor Hondius.

Guest of honor was Pieter Hondius, Eleanor’s son.

Pieter regaled us with tales of growing up at the Elkhorn Lodge prompted by Jim Pickering, Historian Laureate of Estes Park and questions from the audience.

We congratulated Nancy Thomas for her superb editing and enhancements to this treasured book, including an extensive historical index of people Eleanor mentioned in her memoirs. This book is a wonderful addition to any person who wants to know more about Estes Park pioneer history.

Photographs by Mikaela Fundaun



Members Only Event

The Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation Annual Meeting, May 19th, 2016 was a gala affair with lots of networking and laughter.

A warm greeting from Sandy and Elaine (2)

(1) Elaine and Sandy greeted members and signed them in.

Loretta and her delicious spread (2)

(2) Loretta and her crew presented delicious food
to go with the wine and good cheer.

Derek's Then & Now (2)

(3) Derek enjoys the “Then and Now” presentation he created.

Surprise for Derek (2)

(4) Alicia surprises Derek with a “Then and Now”
birthday greeting.

Historic Quoters (2)

(5) Bruce, Sandy and Kurtis recite several historic and amusing quotes.

Nancy reading quotes (2)

(6) Nancy and Neal portray historic figures.

Photographs taken by Jerry Strickland
and Bobbie Heisterkamp.



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